Declined Claims Consulting

For customers wronged by insurance companies we’re here to help.

The reality is every year many claims are either rejected or settlement offers reduced by insurance companies. Some correctly, but others unfairly done. Similar to the way lawyers offer pro bono work our firm takes on a number of cases each year for individuals or business’s that weren’t our clients prior to their insurance claim encountering challenges. We work with those individuals or business’s to determine if we believe they’ve been treated unfairly. And then try our best to rectify the matter with the insurer on their behalf.

Sadly with the increase in claim volumes we’re seeing more and more claim errors.

For a complimentary 2nd opinion on your claim feel free to get in touch with our firm.

Interestingly we haven’t taken too many of these cases on where the client purchased their insurance through another broker. We’re finding that when a broker is involved clients claims are generally handled correctly and their full entitlement is received. For most problems it tends to be when a client has purchased their insurance direct with the insurer. In these scenarios clients don’t know how to successfully argue their case in insurance speak. Nor do they feel they’re treated like anything more than a number. Furthermore they tend to be unaware of their rights or escalation process. This is where we can help.

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